Jostock & Jostock, P.C. counsels clients with respect to the use of partnerships, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other pass-through entities within a wide range of tax planning matters. We work with our clients to use pass-through entities to avoid double taxation, to allow business owners to obtain the full benefit of tax losses or tax incentives and to minimize the tax impact of various asset acquisitions or dispositions. We utilize the tax flexibility inherent in partnership and LLC structures to minimize adverse tax consequences as well as design and implement transactions to provide maximum flexibility.

We advise our clients on structuring their special allocations of tax and non-tax items, contributions and distributions of appreciated or depreciated property (and, in particular, in a manner so as to avoid the “disguised sale” provisions), “profits” and other “carried” interests, section 704(c) lockups, debt maintenance provisions and similar matters.